Archivio Marco Tirelli

The Marco Tirelli Archive, located in Via degli Ausoni, 3 in Rome, was set up in 2017 to guarantee the authenticity of Marco Tirelli’s works and the accuracy of the data relating to each of his works through a meticulous process of archiving, cataloging and conservation of the existing works, in order to issue the the General Catalogue of his production.

Furthermore, the Archive promotes at Institutional level activities dedicated to the figure of the artist and to his past, present and future path and it is also an experimental laboratory in which new collaborative projects are developed with the most important Italian and international contemporary art subjects.

Among the various activities carried out, in particular, the Marco Tirelli Archive deals with the issue of certificates of archiving, cataloging of the works which will be included in the General Catalogue; the collection, storage and conservation of all types of publications, documents and paper and audiovisual materials on the artist.

It also carries out an intense activity of collaboration with national and international cultural Institutions for the production of exhibitions, catalogues, publishing projects, workshops and other cultural initiatives dedicated to Marco Tirelli. For receiving by email the documents  to start the archiving process, please contact us filling the form below.